Po’ po’, crabby me (work rant)

The administration at work is going through major changes as the old President is retiring.  He is leaving the group on the brink of a death spiral financially.  The new “team” started with a large dinner, where none of the hard questions were really answered…like “what about ME!”  A lot of nice things were said about the big picture…hard times, work harder, work smarter, blah blah blah.  As things have unfolded I am feeling more hopeless.  In the restructuring, my current boss has been promoted.  I found working under him very frustrating as he really has his own best interests in mind.  Often when I raised issues, he did not validate my experience, but said things like “It never happened to me.”  I know I have some issues with punctuality, but I expect the boss to actually schedule and start meetings on time, in respect for the worker bees, who have schedules and work to complete.  I took the time to speak up about some of these issues and I know a lot of others did, too.  It was quite interesting that the people who worked under him these last couple decades, were not big supporters.  The vote was close.  Rumour has it that he addressed some of his failings as said he will be a good boy when he is promoted to the ole boy network.  I suspect a spy, as a person instrumental in getting him this promotion was at a meeting with me the other day and I had expressed them to him.  People can change yes, but I really don’t think he will.  It doesn’t give me much hope, and now I have less faith that the new administration will pull us out of the death spiral.

Our department has been having emails flying around.  The chief of our department was asked to step down and other members in our department who have administration postitions as well.  One particular person who was canned has done amazing work in the CME department and really made a difference.   I am amazed that a chief can be canned without input from the department.  The other larger department to which the new President belongs, now has members promoted to the most key positions.   It smacks of ole crony-ism.  Politics.  The general feeling is that it is a slap in the face.

I have moments of paranoia thinking the group is trying to cull the old timers like me and hope we all will go quietly and sit on the ice.   There is something holding me back from putting in for retirement.  I know when I’m ready it will be easy.   So it’s back to my corner, treading water, wondering who I will be after I let go this identity I’ve had for 26 years, taking pleasure in the small things, trying not to get too fat, and encouraging my last baby bird out of the nest.  I’ll have to let go of a company that does not value my years of service or opinions.  I still like the actual job I signed up for and hey, a paycheck is always a good thing.


Sunday, sweet Sunday, with nothing to do…

I’ve had very little gumption to do much today.  I read in the newspaper insert the the American Idol with the cupie doll hairstyle feels that people who are sloppy are lazy.  I knew there was something I didn’t like about him when I saw him on the show, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I will chock his intolerant statement to his youth.  Hope he will get a clue one of these days.  How does he define “sloppy”?  How does he know the person is not mentally or spiritually challenged.  How does he know the person is not homeless or quirky?  Perhaps a person is trying hard to look casual.  Oh well so much for the rant.

I managed to watch two B movies yesterday.  Superstition was a very low budget looking movie about a witch who come back to murder people using the slice and dice method.  It is not for the squeamish or those looking for a deep plot.  The acting is amateurish and the music very b movie.  The gore scenes may be the high point in this movie.  I will rate it 1.5/5 acorns and 2 clives.   The Flesh Eaters was another low budget movie about a spoiled heiress with a drinking problem who’s plane crashes on a isolated island surround by, you guessed it, Flesh Eaters.  They are little sparkly things in the water that can eat all the flesh off a person in not time.  Yup, cleaner then a school of piranha in the Amazon.  A few people get dissolved before the rest figure it out.  The big strong man and the secretary are two that remain so they can make goo goo eyes at each other.  Don’t be too shocked now, but there is a Nazi on the island.  He seems friendly at first and has a nice parrot.  But he also has a tent where does experiments.  The beatnik who happens by the island on a home made raft becomes the first to be experimented on.  The next step in the experiment involves electricity and the ends up producing a giant tick like critter, that can be poisoned by….well, I better not say, as I don’t want to give it away.

The boob tube sucked me today for some reruns.  The first one was the Italian Job with that cute Theron and Wahlberg, and the even cuter mini Coopers.  Ed Norton gets to play slime and he does it well.   After that Assault on Precinct 13 came on .  I had wanted to see it to compare it to the John Carpenter one.  I was disappointed that the music was different, but I like some the characters and I like the way the Precinct is closed down due to snow.  It was pretty exciting.  I will rate it 2/5 acorns.  There is blood, but then usually seiges with guns and gangsters are.    Darn if The Green Mile didn’t come on after that.  So I sat through that one too.  It,s one of my favorite movies.

So it was a lazy day.  Sometimes it’s good to stay home, relax, prepare home cooked meals and make heavy decisions, like is the pineapple ripe enough to pick.   I really wasn’t totally useless.  I knit several rows on Ariann and actually worked 3 hours on a work probject.

Crimson Force and Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta is perhaps one of the best known illustrators of Conan the Barbarian. He has a very large body of work that includes cartoons (he illustrated Lil Abner for awhile) and fantastic sci fi covers. I watched a documentary about his life. He is Italian, from Brooklyn and he built a beautiful museum for his art in Pennsylvania. His children feel very blessed to have had both parents work at home and he really enjoyed raising them. His story is of a person with an exceptional gift. He could draw and paint from a very young age. After he had a stroke he started painting and drawing with his left hand, due to numbness, weakness and tremors in is dominant hand. He has inspired a whole generation of fantasy artists. One just has to watch a movie like 300 to see it. Frazetta: Painting with Fire is a wonderful documentary about his career and life. I was impressed with his story, his love for his family and his impressive talent.


Crimson Force is a lackluster SciFi channel movie about a Mars misson. It stars C Thomas Howell and is rated a underwhelming 2.8 by the Internet Movie Database. There are some Frazetta type looking “warriors” on Mars, and another class that his a lot of tattoos and funny looking contact lenses. Some of the characters and situations on the spacecraft are obvious rip offs from Aliens. The mission is going to Mars for some kind of power source and of course there is a spy on board. When they get to Mars, the Martian Warriors capture them, and the funny eye guys save a few of them. I can’t remember why. The good thing about this movie is that it was in English, so I could knit and not mess with the subtitles. I will rate it 1 acorns.

Sopranos, Final Season

The SopranosI can’t say I’ve been the most faithful Sopranos watcher, as I canceled my premium channels a while back to save money. But, I have been a fan of the opening theme song. The actor playing AJ really went through a lot of changes during the series. I hope never to meet a real Tony Soprano. He can turn on a “friend” in a second and beat their brains out. Not unlike Jack Bauer of 24, yet Jack isn’t labeled a sociopath. According to Medicine Net the new term for sociopath is “Antisocial personality disorder: A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others and inability or unwillingness to conform to what are considered to be the norms of society.” If you haven’t seen the finale, don’t read anymore.

The abrupt ending was an interesting way to leave things. I would think there is no way there can be a happy ending. A lot was made of Meadow parking her car, and of AJ’s bipolar behavior. It was time for the series to end. In a way it would have been very final to have Tony and his family go out the way they lived, but it was quite clever to leave everyone hanging.

Another New Start

I tried Vox and really loved the template. I didn’t like that I could not have a sitemeter, and that commenters had to join Vox in order to comment.

Actually I don’t know enough about WordPress to know if  those features are available, but do like this template!