Crimson Force and Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta is perhaps one of the best known illustrators of Conan the Barbarian. He has a very large body of work that includes cartoons (he illustrated Lil Abner for awhile) and fantastic sci fi covers. I watched a documentary about his life. He is Italian, from Brooklyn and he built a beautiful museum for his art in Pennsylvania. His children feel very blessed to have had both parents work at home and he really enjoyed raising them. His story is of a person with an exceptional gift. He could draw and paint from a very young age. After he had a stroke he started painting and drawing with his left hand, due to numbness, weakness and tremors in is dominant hand. He has inspired a whole generation of fantasy artists. One just has to watch a movie like 300 to see it. Frazetta: Painting with Fire is a wonderful documentary about his career and life. I was impressed with his story, his love for his family and his impressive talent.


Crimson Force is a lackluster SciFi channel movie about a Mars misson. It stars C Thomas Howell and is rated a underwhelming 2.8 by the Internet Movie Database. There are some Frazetta type looking “warriors” on Mars, and another class that his a lot of tattoos and funny looking contact lenses. Some of the characters and situations on the spacecraft are obvious rip offs from Aliens. The mission is going to Mars for some kind of power source and of course there is a spy on board. When they get to Mars, the Martian Warriors capture them, and the funny eye guys save a few of them. I can’t remember why. The good thing about this movie is that it was in English, so I could knit and not mess with the subtitles. I will rate it 1 acorns.


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