Sunday, sweet Sunday, with nothing to do…

I’ve had very little gumption to do much today.  I read in the newspaper insert the the American Idol with the cupie doll hairstyle feels that people who are sloppy are lazy.  I knew there was something I didn’t like about him when I saw him on the show, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I will chock his intolerant statement to his youth.  Hope he will get a clue one of these days.  How does he define “sloppy”?  How does he know the person is not mentally or spiritually challenged.  How does he know the person is not homeless or quirky?  Perhaps a person is trying hard to look casual.  Oh well so much for the rant.

I managed to watch two B movies yesterday.  Superstition was a very low budget looking movie about a witch who come back to murder people using the slice and dice method.  It is not for the squeamish or those looking for a deep plot.  The acting is amateurish and the music very b movie.  The gore scenes may be the high point in this movie.  I will rate it 1.5/5 acorns and 2 clives.   The Flesh Eaters was another low budget movie about a spoiled heiress with a drinking problem who’s plane crashes on a isolated island surround by, you guessed it, Flesh Eaters.  They are little sparkly things in the water that can eat all the flesh off a person in not time.  Yup, cleaner then a school of piranha in the Amazon.  A few people get dissolved before the rest figure it out.  The big strong man and the secretary are two that remain so they can make goo goo eyes at each other.  Don’t be too shocked now, but there is a Nazi on the island.  He seems friendly at first and has a nice parrot.  But he also has a tent where does experiments.  The beatnik who happens by the island on a home made raft becomes the first to be experimented on.  The next step in the experiment involves electricity and the ends up producing a giant tick like critter, that can be poisoned by….well, I better not say, as I don’t want to give it away.

The boob tube sucked me today for some reruns.  The first one was the Italian Job with that cute Theron and Wahlberg, and the even cuter mini Coopers.  Ed Norton gets to play slime and he does it well.   After that Assault on Precinct 13 came on .  I had wanted to see it to compare it to the John Carpenter one.  I was disappointed that the music was different, but I like some the characters and I like the way the Precinct is closed down due to snow.  It was pretty exciting.  I will rate it 2/5 acorns.  There is blood, but then usually seiges with guns and gangsters are.    Darn if The Green Mile didn’t come on after that.  So I sat through that one too.  It,s one of my favorite movies.

So it was a lazy day.  Sometimes it’s good to stay home, relax, prepare home cooked meals and make heavy decisions, like is the pineapple ripe enough to pick.   I really wasn’t totally useless.  I knit several rows on Ariann and actually worked 3 hours on a work probject.


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  1. debbie said,

    June 26, 2007 at 1:10 am

    i saw those movies on tv too – kinda off and on; i do love the green mile but didn’t get to see the whole show yesterday – cooking and a nap got in the way….can’t figure out which american idol you’re talking about, but i’m insulted – ummm, on second thought i’m not sloppy, just a little challenged when it comes to organizing stuff…..

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