Angustia de Silencio, and The Prestige, Review

The title I viewed Angustia de Silencio, a Lucio Fulci movie, is Don’t Torture the Duckling. There is a Donald Duck doll in this movie, but really, something is very lost in the translation. According to the Internet Movie Database, Lucio Fulci was a medical student prior to becoming a director. He was also an insulin dependent diabetic He is known for his gore films. This is movie about a serial killer of children. There are some voodoo dolls involved, a newspaper man and a lovely girl. I’m not sure what she does, but she does take off her clothes and drive around in a cute car. The county side of Apulia is very quaint. I won’t say who the bad man is, but the viewer does get to see him meet his end falling off of a cliff. On the way down Fulci treats us to a little slo-mo everytime his head or face hit the rocks. Lovely.

wax doll

I am definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel. This movie does have it’s admirers . Perhaps if I spoke Italian and it wasn’t dubbed I would have liked it better. I will give it 2.5 acorns because at least it had a plot, and a clive for the blood and brains.

I also watched Trinity and Beyond, the Atomic Bomb Movie. It is a documentary about the American experience developing and testing the A and H bombs. Men with their toys. Power and destruction. The aftermath of Pacific testing. I’d like to believe it was ignorance. Irresponsible. Maybe that’s where the hole in the ozone came from. The footage of the explosions under ground, over and under the ocean and of Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with the facts makes me wonder how I lived throught that time without knowing more. I would have been about 7 years old when a test caused electrical disturbance in Honolulu. I hope we are smarter now.

Trinity and Beyond

The Prestige came out the same time as the Illusionist. I really enjoyed the Illusionist so avoided The Prestige so as not to compare them too much. Many of my friends and family really enjoyed both. I have a problem with Christian Bale. Okay, so he was Batman, but he was also the Machinist and the American Psycho. The Prestige turned out to be an interesting story with a twist, one I never saw coming. And it has the wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman in it.

I will rate this one 3/5 acorns, no clives.  I compared the two movies anyway.  The Illusionist won.  It has Edward Norton in it, and a romance.  It is clear who the bad guy is, but The Prestige is worth watching, too.


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