4th of July, 2007

I celebrated the day early meeting for lunch at CPK. I’m very fond of the Milan pizza and my friend and I split the Cobb salad. It was a slight departure from the uh hum, diet. I am going to Maui next week, but decided not to wait. Exercise is a big challenge for me, but I managed a walk around the neighborhood.

Flower Around the Neighborhood

I watched 1408, a movie based on a short story by Stephen King and starring John Cusack, one of my favorite actors. 1408 is a room in the Dolphin hotel. The Jedi master himself, Samuel L. Jackson warns him not to rent the room, but a bogus lawyer says it is illegal to not rent the room to him. Cusack’s daughter died and his books about scary places are lackluster and unconvincing. He doesn’t believe in spirits, but is challenged to experience a real haunted room. Many have died since the opening of the hotel. No one has lasted more then on hour.

John Cusack

Let’s just by the end of the movie he becomes a believer. I’ll let you all see if he lasts more then one hours. I will rate this movie 3/5 acorns. No clives.


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