Transformers 2007

Yellow Bee

I still have a poster of the first Transformer movie upstairs, and a few pieces of Transformers laying around. The boys grandma really fed their Transformer madness. I have to admit, I liked them, too. The animation in this movie is pretty fantastic. The boy hero in this tale, is a nerd in love with hot girl that is dating the football star. His grandfather was something of an explorer and he tries to make money by selling grandpa’s glasses on Ebay. Little does he know that the Autobots will have to save him from Megatron, who comes to earth to get those glasses. They are the secret to the lost cube, the one that can power all the machines on earth and make them rise again mankind.

There are some corny moments, the pace is rapid, but the animation is terrific. It updated well. I will rate this movie 3.5/5 acorns. I want a car like Bumblebee.


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