Positivity (not the CD)

Shell Ginger

Okay, the picture has nothing to do with the post. I looked briefly for a picture of positivity and there were a bunch of cartoons with a sarcastic twist that were probably copywrited, and hey, is sarcasm positive? I think not!

So what am I positive about? Monday was a meeting at work I really obsessed about. The boss and mini boss called a meeting to discuss “issues that are causing a rift”. I set up a lunch with the bigger boss the next day in preparation for major whining. So Monday came. I was prepared for the usual…boss comes late, boss tells my team is going wrong, and mini boss says don’t do it, and envisioned fist fighting, stomping and general wailing. Instead, the boss was on time, and darn if my partner and didn’t leave the meeting both feeling like it went well. OMG, for the first time in the last year. The next day was another meeting with our team and the mini-boss, and OMG if we didn’t leave that meeting with a postitive feeling. So meeting with the bigger boss just seemed anticlimatic. I vowed not to whine, but alas old habits die hard, so I did share my concerns about un-supervisorly behavior in min-boss, and self centered behavior in bossman.

Time will tell. Trust has been broken, and it will be some time before I let my guard down.

Dang the Boards are coming up soon and I haven’t studied! Just hope there aren’t too many questions on shoulder dystocia


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