The good and the bad news


Just another picture that has nothing to do with the post. The good news is that believe I have caught the rat or rats running around in the walls of my house and attic. The bad news is, that one or more have died in the ceiling and I don’t know if they can be retrieved. I arrived home from a nice few days off on Maui, to a putrid stench. So far it is confined to one hallway. From what I’ve read, if they can’t be retrieved, it can take 1 to “several” weeks for the smell to go away. Waaah!


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  1. debbie said,

    July 21, 2007 at 8:58 pm

    it’s happened to us – the rat stench – more than once! i have a very sensitive nose and i made my husband search high and low – he even had to make a hole in the wall once, to get the darn thing. another time i kept making him go back and crawl under the house til he got that little rodent out! and yes, if you don’t find it, the odor last for days until the body rots away or the maggots get it, or both….

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