Earth Girls are Easy, Review

Earth Girls are Easy is a 1988 flick starring Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayons. Geena Davis is a tall woman at 6 feet and she was married during this period to Jeff Goldblum who is at least 6’4″. All that tallness…sigh. 3 furry aliens crash land in Geena Davis’s swimming pool in the Valley. They are horny having been in space for quite a while, and catch a Finnish commercial from earth with some Finnish babes. They start arguing over them, even though they are hairless and accidently steer the ship into her pool. She has been trying to spice up her romance with her fiancee, a clueless, self centered doctor. After going blonde with the help of Julie Brown, her salon buddy and doing research she lays in wait for him at home, only to find that he has a brought a nurse home with him. Jim and Damon are in search of Finland babes. Geena explains they are in the Valley, and that Finland is the capital of Sweden. Jeff, however, falls for her.

Most sites give this flick lackluster ratings and reviews, but I love this movie cuz it’s scifi, dumb and has a happy ending. Actually rates it well, so I’ll agree with them and give it 3.8/5 acorns. Absolutely no clives unless you want to count the fish in a scene reminiscent of A Fish Called Wanda made the same year.


Mutant bean?  While all the beans puffed up with soaking, what’s up with this giant lima bean?  Is it a mutant?  Was it bombarded with gamma rays?  Inquiring minds wanna know!


1 Comment

  1. ragan said,

    August 10, 2007 at 3:50 pm

    Hahahaha….I remember that movie…and what was up with that giant bean???? Crazy!

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