Ratatouille, Review

Ratatouille is an animated film from the Nemo people, Pixar. Remy is a country rat who is born with a gift. He has very acute senses of taste and smell. His father gives him a job smelling all the garbage as he can pick out the poison, but he finds this job un-fulfilling and boring. He dreams of becoming a great chef. While in search of saffron for his mushroom dish, he causes the destruction of his rodent clan’s habitat, and in the exodus he is separated from his family. He ends up in Paris, home of his idol, the great TV chef, Gasteau. Unfortunately, Gateau has died and his restaurant has declined from 5 to 3 stars. But, the ghost of Gateau speaks to the starving Remy and he ends up the kitchen where the real adventure begins.

Will Remy realize his dream of becoming a great chef? Will he find his family again? Will Gasteau’s restaurant rise to it’s former glory? Will the dense but agile Linquini find his destiny and true love? Can a rat make it in the human world? My lips are sealed.

Acute movie, I will rate 4/5 acorns.



1 Comment

  1. ragan said,

    August 10, 2007 at 3:50 pm

    We have yet to see this one, and the kids really want to. We have the Wii game for it though of all things.

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