Netflicks arrives

Well those ads for 2 free week trial finally lured me in and I created a list of movies to watch.

The Secret was not what I expected.  I thought it was a movie, but instead came off more like a seminar with testimonials of how the secret tranformed lives.   It is all very mysterious and I’m still not sure why it was deemed necessary to keep the Secret and secret.  The great secret is that positive thinking, not the wishful kind, creates an energy that can get people anything they they want.  If a person nurtures a sense of gratitude and joy, good things follow.   I didn’t watch all the way through.  I won’t rate it because it’s not a movie.

The Thin Red Line is a story about Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands.  It was a pivotal battle won by the Allied Forces in the Pacific against the Japanese in 1942-1943.  There are a ton of actors in this movie and from what I’ve read, many scenes were cut, including those with Viggo Mortensen, Brad Pitt, and Billy Bob Thorton.  Elias Koteas has a nice role.  I was pleased to read that other confuse him with Christopher Meloni.  Christopher Meloni is a little taller and French/Italian, and Elias Koteas is Greek.   Nick Nolte is a bit over the top in his performance.  John Travolta and John Cusack both have small parts.

The realities of war are painted with forceful fire, and blood spatter.  It tries to see war in general as well as this specific battle from the viewpoint of many different participants. ..the natives of the island, the Japanese, a seasoned military man at the end of his career who has been passed up, the new recruits,  and many more.  War is brutal stuff.  Both sides do horrible things.  The innocent suffer.  Down there in the trenches does one know the bigger picture and why?

This movie is in contrast to the war pictures I grew up with, where no questions are asked about who are the heroes.  I learned a bit of history reading about Guadalcanal.

My two first movies were okay.  The service was something else.  Bet I extend longer the then 2 week free trial, as long as there are movies for me to pick!


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  1. ragan said,

    August 10, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    I am often tempted by that NetFlix ad. 🙂
    I hope that you are having a lovely summer.

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