Army of Shadows and Bourne Ultimatum or How to Make a Glowing Tomato

Ultimatum, ultomato, glowing tomato, get it? Okay, I’ll keep my day job.

Army of Shadows is a French 1969 movie about the French Resistence druing WW2. My first impression of this movie occurred while trying to needle felt acorns. Reading subtitles and stabbing wool with sharp objects are not compatible and the movie is gloomy and austere. As the pressure on me was to return this flick for another during my free two week trial with Netflicks, I found dedicated time and must say this movie drew me in. There is no humor here. My knowlege of French history for this period is very limited. The stakes are high for these characters in the resistance. The code of secrecy is unforgiving. It’s not a story or life for the faint of heart. It stirred an interest for more about this period of French history although the costumes and setting have none of the color and beauty of the Renaissance. I will rate this 3/5 acorns. There is some torture so I’ll add a small clive

Bourne Ultimatum is one rousing, continuous chase scene. It has great bad guys in Scott Glen (or is it Glen Scott?), David Strathairn, and Albert Finney and great good women in Julia Stiles and Joan Allen. Matt Damon does a convincing Bourne. I will rate this 4/5 acorns. I love the action. There are some great hand to hand combat scenes with another “asset” and the ending is quite satisfying.


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