Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and 3 Anime

earthsea.jpgLock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, 1998 is a movie by Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie. I was wondering what he did. This story weaves the adventures of 4 sets of undeserving guys together. Many of them don’t make it through the end of the movie. I kept thinking this one guy looked like Sting, and lo and behold it was Sting. I had to put the subs on as it took me awhile to get into the swing of the Cockney accents and rhymes. The first group of guys naively raise money for one of them to bet in a card game. The game is fixed by the next group of guys and our first boys end up owing a lot of money and also Sting’s bar if they don’t come up with the cash. They hear about a drug deal going down next door to where one of them lives and they decide that’s the way to get the money. More happens, but I won’t tell. Needless to say, once the crooks start running in to each other, bullets start flying. It is an entertaining action movie and is compared to the Brad Pitt movie Snatch, a lot. I watched Snatch once but coulding figure it out. Perhaps I was knitting at the time. I think I needed subtitles, too, although, I hear Brad Pitt may not even be speaking a real language. But then I digress…3.5/5 acorns for Lock Stock.

Paprika, 2006 played at the Hawaii International Film Festival last year and I missed it so obsessed a lot about it. I found it confusing and was a bit disappointed that a parade scene had the look of the parade into the bath house in Spirited Away. Psychiatrists use a dream machine to enter their patient’s dreams. I will have to watch this one again before scoring it.

Samurai Champloo, 2004, Disk 3 is lots of fun, like the first two. Another is on the way. In one of these Episodes, Jin, our brooding, classical samurai falls in love with a women who has been sold to a brothel by her good for nothing husband. Of course as the wife is sword, no way Jin can end up with the girl, but he does try and save her. 4/5 acorns.

Tales of Earthsea, 2006. I have not read the Ursula LeGuin book and recently saw the miniseries based on it. This Ghibli adaptation of the book is nothing like the miniseries so I don’t know which one is more true to the original story. Hayao Miyazaki has retired and his son Goro Miyazaki wrote the screen play and directed. It moves very slowly in the beginning and took awhile for me to figure out what was going on. It ends with a flourish. 2/5 acorns.


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