Tuesday Rant

The supervisor at work continues to preempt my teams meetings even though I asked her not too.  FGS why can’t she use the time some other time?  I’m tired of working on it.  I think I’ll quit.

I don’t think the team is working.  Many members have stopped coming as the “phones” are too busy during the meeting time.

The service issues such as scheduling and and the waitlist have not been resolved and I’m tired of just getting the same ole excuses.    I will have to let it go and refer the complaints I get from the customers to the supervisor as I don’t have any more energy to go someone else’s work.  My own work is suffering for it and I have no control over it.

Once again the whiny favorite gets what she wants and we get the shitty worker dumped on us.  Never mind what we want.

Much as I try and I have trouble maintaining a positive attitude at work.

Is life better in the frying pan or out?


1 Comment

  1. ragan said,

    September 9, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    I have had mixed feelings about work…and a team that is not a team at all…..
    I have resigned and my last day will be September 28th. I am going to stay home with my 3 kids for awhile. I hope that your frustrations diminish!

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