The Brain from Planet Arous, Samurai Champloo 6


The Brain from Planet Arous is actually Brains, a good one who’s name I forgot and a bad one who’s name is Bob. Okay, I heard Bob but it’s Vol and Gor. Our scientist goes off to investigate Mystery Mountain, and discovers a cave he was sure was never there. So hey, he and his friend have to check it out. Gor fries his friend and takes over his body but of course his girlfriend notices a big change in him when he starts make out very roughly with her. She and her dad go out to Mystery Mountain, and she immediately notices the cave that was never there. So of course they have to go right in and discover the fried friend. Luckily the brain they meet is Vol, the good brain, who has come to capture the evil Gor, who wants to take over the World. He takes over the dog and follows Gor around waiting for his chance to get him when he comes out to rest. Lucky for the World, the brains can’t stay in the host continuously and when they come out they are vulnerable. When Gor comes out of the scientist, he finds the note his girlfriend leaves for him under the phone, with an arrow pointing to Gor’s soft spot. He goes after him with an axe that just happens be lying around. This is the one time I was not convinced these brains were real, as I could see the string suspending Gor from the ceiling and he bounced around like a piñata . I will give this silly movie 4/5 acorns, but if you don’t like rats, stay away from the cheese.

I only have more disc of Samurai Champloo to go after this one. Disc 6 was a bit more serious, with a government assassin trying to kill Jin and Mugen, but still a lot of fun. I wonder how it will end.


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