Stardust and others

Stardust is a fantasy love story with adventure and comedy. I’ll forever have a picture of deNiro in a corset in his fantastic flying ship. The story starts out a bit slowly as our hero Tristan has to be conceived and born. He loves the beautiful girl in the village, but she has given her heart to another, who is better and richer then Tristan. He promises her a fallen star which they see on the other side of the Wall. He travels there to another world and finds that the star he seeks is Clare Dane, and that others also seek her. Michelle Pfeiffer and her witchy sisters want her heart to they can stay young, and the kings sons want her so they can rule the Kingdom. I was surprised by this story and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will rate this 4/5 acorns. It has a fair amount of violence in it but not on the order of Pan’s Labyrinth.

The Seeker is based on the Dark is Rising series. I have only made it through book one and I didn’t recognize that book in this version. It was entertaining, but somehow forgetable.

Android Apocalpyse has a great title, but I wasn’t expecting much. It was oddly entertaining and cute. A worker gets replaced by an android and ends up killing one. He is sentenced to Terminus from which there is no return. He is chained to a new android model, a cyborg, that has failed his tests as he is too human. The cyborg is scheduled to be recycled. They end up being friends and go off to save the human’s wife.

Things to Come is classic scifi.


I love his helmet.