Batman Begins

When I start watching a movie and realize I’ve seen it before I must have either been knitting or uninterested when I saw it the first time. I’ve looked for pictures of Christian Bale’s teeth on the web and haven’t found any large ones which can only mean one thing. He’s a vampire. I’m not sure why he can come out during the day, too, but science has come a long way. He was great in 3:10 to yuma but even as a caped savior, I can’t help but think of the American Psycho or the Machinist. He plays creepy well. There are some great classic scenes of the bat on the rooftops. I enjoyed this movie more the second time around. I will rate it 3 acorns (out of 5)


I decided to try a job change next year. If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll retire in June or September. I wish there was an opportunity to take and extended leave, like a sabbatical or an opportunity to drop to half time so I could be more prepared to retire, but alas, nothing has come up. I put some feelers out and if nothing come it I decided to do it and start the process of retiring in March. What to do after that? Well the current plan is to do nothing for a couple months or more, but I’ll just leave my options open.


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