The Place Promised in our early Days, review

English translation for the the title of this movie is not very catchy. At first I had a difficult time following this movie as it jumped back and forth in time. The other anime by Makoto Shinkai I watched was called a Voices of a Distant Star. Both animations are very beautiful and the stories very thoughtful and philosophical. Can any of us return to a time in our past where our destiny took a turn and get that special moment back? Can we travel the road not taken?

The setting for this movieis a futuristic Japan, divided and at war. Two boys and the girl everyone has a crush on embark on a friendship based on budding love and adventure. When the girl disappears one day which just a word in school that her family has moved, the boys go on, both a little bitter over the lost promise. It seems, the girl had started sleeping longer and longer until she never woke up. When the 3 get together again, she has been sleeping for 3 years.

I was drawn in by the story and was satisfied although the ending was a bit hokey.

I will rate this one 3/5 acorns. No clives.


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