No Country for Old Men, The Snow Walker, Reviews


Javier Bardem plays evil incarnate in the latest of the Cohen Brothers movies. I only saw one other movie with this actor, Before Night Falls. Let me say, he does a great job playing the ultimate sociopath. His method of execution and breaking and entering is unique. He has a code and lives by it. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, if your name is on his hit list you can just buy the plot now. Unless of course you are a lucky enough for him to toss the coin, because chance is the only thing that will save you. Josh Brolin gets on his list. He gives him quite a run. Josh has relationships and that’s his downfall. While there is not the tongue in cheek humor of Fargo or O Brother Where Art Thou, this movie made me think quite a bit. There is violence and so I will give it clive. Definitely not for the the fainthearted. I will give it 3.5 acorns/5. I really liked the slow pace of this movie. It fit the Texas setting.


The Snow Walker stars Barry Pepper as a angry ex-military pilot, who flies some shady missions for James Cromwell over the Canadian wilderness. While out on a jaunt, he flies into a fishing “village” and makes a deal for some tusks, to take a young Inuit woman, obviously suffering from TB, to the hospital. One the of the engines goes out and they go down in the the middle of nowhere. The aerial scenes are incredible and the hopelessness of his situation is all the more clear seeing the vastness of the territory.

He tells the women to stay put, even though she speaks very little English, and goes off in search of the closest settlement, which is 100 miles away according to his map. The young woman patiently rescues him. It becomes clear that though she very competent on how to survive, as this is her homeland, she needs him, too.

I loved this movie even though there were no vampires or cyborgs. It was beautiful and had a great pace. I will give it 4/5 acorns.


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