American Gangster, review

This is one of those movies I was reluctant to see. I mean it has Russell Crowe and Denzil Washington in it and a reliable source said it was good do I’m not sure why. But it played at the dollar movie and my BIL who is visiting from Tacoma, also wanted to see it and for a buck, why not? Well for one thing, the movie didn’t fit on the screen and in the beginning having part of the movie on the ceiling and part of it on the wall beneath the screen was a bit distracting. Oddly enough, I got used to it and in the end it did not detract from the movie. I was pleasantly surprised at what a good movie it was, no doubt due to the quality directing, acting, music and film making. The topic of the underworld corrupting the military and the special investigation unit is not a pleasant thought. Denzil’s character says to Russell Crowe that there is and always will be drugs, people making money off of drugs, people dying on drugs so what pick him to go down? Well for one thing, he got caught. In the end Russell Crowe’s character, the fool who found a million dollars in a bust, and had the nerve to turn it in because “it was the right thing to do”, goes after the “real” criminals, the corrupt law enforcement.

I will give this movie 3.5 acorns. It is quite violent at times so perhaps a bit of a clive. 2007_american_gangster_001.jpg


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