The Station Agent, again, and Gemini, Reviews

station_agent.jpgI NF’d the Station Agent again, as I had enjoyed it the first time around, and I enjoyed it again. In asking my folks if they also wanted to watch it and the visiting siblings, I found I was not able to entice them to watch it. Perhaps I’m not such a good advertising agent or story teller. But then again this is not the type of movie an action hungry crowd would go for anyway. Fin, is a dwarf, and he leads a “boring” life, repairing small appliances with his friend. His hobby is train chasing and his club of like minded members watch home movies of trains. When his business friend dies, he is willed a train station in a rural area and he decides to take his grief and his anger (about his size, as he later divulges) and go there to be alone. But he is not alone, from the very first day. First there is the talkative ex-pat Cuban Manhattanite, there to take care of is father’s lunch wagon, then the spaced out grieving, divorce e who accidentally runs him off the road in her car, twice in one day, Clair, the lonely black girl and Emily, the pretty, young librarian who is dating the dick head town punk.

I was reminded of a couple of lines from About a Boy, “In my opinion, all men are islands. And what’s more, now’s the time to be one. This is an island age. ” and “Suddenly I realized – two people isn’t enough. You need backup. If you’re only two people, and someone drops off the edge, then you’re on your own. Two isn’t a large enough number. You need three at least.”

The appeal of this movie is a bit allusive to me. No cyborgs, no vampires, no unnecessary violence. It must be the good acting and the interesting way these lives come together. It speaks to me at this time in my life where I’m two years out from divorce, the anticipation of the end of my current job of 27 years, and dreaming of training for the Honolulu Marathon with my virtual dog, and speaking Italian, or off on a trek to Bolivia cultivating my own hermitdom. Hah. All dreams. The real plan is to hang out and knit and sew my stash, become organized, and work in the yard. We’ll see!

Now Gemini (Soseji) is a whole different kind of flick. RottenTomatoes describes it as”offbeat”. That’s an understatement. It was billed as period, Japanese horror. The period is the early Meiji era (turn of the century). It starts off well enough with interesting hairdos, and a creepy, stilted home atmosphere. An upperclass family who distains the people of the “slums”, runs a medical clinic. The doctor’s wife is a strange women with no memory, who he first saw naked near the river. His father then his mother die in unusual circumstances. A man who looks just like him, except for a snake like birth mark on his thigh, shows up and pushes him in a well (like the one from Ringu). From then it turns into odd dancing and jumping around and strange costumes and makeup. I think I fell asleep at the end, since I can’t remember how it ended. I’m pretty sure he gets out of the well, and maybe these two guys were twins separated at birth, and I think she was only pretending she couldn’t remember anything.

Odd Dancing scene

So 4/5 acorns for The Station Agent, and only 2 for Gemini, and some of it is for costumes.  No clives for either.


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