Last day of the year 2007 late post, and Atonement, Wool 100%, Reviews


2007 ended in a very nice way…no rain and a blazing sunset. Lucky live Hawaii:)

I had to think about the movie Atonement before writing about it. It is a very sad movie. I normally avoid sad movies:( Keira Knightly and James McAvoy have a flirtation. He is the son of the cook, and she is the daughter of the Lord of the Manor. I love the costumes and the great house. Her green dress is my favorite.


The period costumes hang well on her. James McAvoy shows a nice range of emotions. Keira’s pesky younger sister also has a crush on him. In fact maybe I have a crush on him, too! She observes an few incidents between her sister and Mr. McAvoy and one night she also happens on her cousin being raped. She names James McAvoy, and her cousin goes along with it. James ends up in prison, although he is innocent. The movie jumps back, and fourth and this doesn’t always work. It also spends more then necessary time in Dunkirk. This bit of the War is quite interesting, but it is a little long IMO. The ending is a surprise. According to Wikipedia, “atonement is a doctrine found within both Christianity and Judaism. It describes how sin can be forgiven by God”. Miriam Webster adds, “reparation for an offense or injury”. I thought about this movie a lot after I saw it. Lives are affected by all types of incidents…chance, war, foolishness, accidents, malice and of course regret. If given a chance, humans can make amends, choose to forgive and let go of regrets. I repeat, this is a sad movie. I think it deserves more clives then Hellraiser for sadness. I will rate this movie 3/5 acorns.

A fellow knitter recommended Wool 100%. I suspect I can think about this movie endlessly and not come to many conclusions. I love the visual effects in this movie…the funky house, the animations, the great wool sweater dress. Two elderly sisters are the ultimate clutter junkies. They go out daily and collect stuff others have discarded and bring it home. They are quite selective. When they get home they clean the junk up and draw a picture of it for their scrapbook. One eats and dresses Western and the other Japanese. They move in much the way the sisters in Gormenghast move, as if they are joined at the hip, completing each others sentences and anticipating the next moves. One day they collect some red yarn and after that a young girl shows up knitting a red dress from the yarn, then unraveling it and complaining in a loud annoying way after that that she has to knit it again. I won’t say more for fear someone out there deciphers what it all means. I will rate this 2.5 acorns, no clives. It’s just plain strange and I kind of like that!



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  1. debbie said,

    January 5, 2008 at 5:31 am

    ok, i’m not alone, i kept wondering what the hidden message might be….

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