The Bucket List, more Dilbert and Prime Suspect


It’s really a bit sad how real Dilbert seems to me.  I’m hoping it’s just me lame ducking it to the end, but I hear the frustration around me even in the new hires and that saddens me.  How does one get out of a death spiral?  I tried just putting my foot down already but in face of blatant politicking, I’m just a little pile of poo.  So.  I might as well be Happy Poo!

The Bucket List stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  Morgan Freeman has such a peaceful voice.  It has the tone of a man who is sure of who he is.  Jack Nicholson plays Jack Nicholson just like he always does.  These two guys meet on the Oncology ward where they are being treated by Rob Morrow (that’s Dr. Rob Morrow, Last Starfighter) for cancer that is in terminal stages.  They decide to fulfill some dreams before they die and make a list.  Since Jack is a kazillionaire (that’s more then a Brazilian, Mr. Bush) they fly to the ends of the earth on his private jet.  There were some slow moments, but all in all it was quite entertaining.  Jack was almost lovable…heh…NOT! But I will rate it 3/5 acorns.  No clives.

I got smart and had both episdoes of Prime Suspect 2 come at the same time.  This case involves a body found buried in the garden of an apartment.  The first suspect confesses on his death bed, but DCI Tennison suspects he is covering up for some one else.  Her boss is trying for a promotion and she wants to be promoted also.  She also has to work with Oswalde, a man she had had a fling with in the past.  I was not disappointed in the second story.  Very intriguing, so I’ve queued up all the rest.


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