Cloverfield, Review


The most memorable movie I saw without reading up on was Alien (the first one).  I drank a coke and by the end of the movie I had a sore stomach.  I went to see Cloverfield on impulse, because hey, I’m trying to live in the now and, I had a free ticket.  I never saw Blair Witch Project for a reason…motion sickness.  I watched most of the movie with my eyes closed trying to keep from losing my cookies.  Luckily I didn’t miss much.  I opened my eyes when it sounded interesting.  This movie rips off Planet of the Apes, Gozilla,  Alien, Blair Witch Project, and the similarities to the 9/11 catastrophe is unnerving.  The monster was pretty cool, though. I will give this one 1.5/acorns and 1/2 of a clive.  It might deserve more, but I’m still queasy.  I’ll know tomorrow if its the stomach flu.


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