There Will Be Blood, review

Daniel Day Lewis plays an oil man named Daniel.   He builds his oil business up from a single well to incredible wealth.  He’s shady and oily and gets what he wants.  He is invited to dig for oil by a preacher named Eli.   He’s shady, too.  I didn’t really like this movie very much.  I kept hoping it would get better.  I think I’m in the minority on this one as it’s up for some awards.  The acting is good and the realism gritty.  The movie making is good.    I found the sound track annoying at times.  I loved the font for the title.  I just didn’t get this movie.  Oh well.  I shall rate it the same as yesterdays movie.  At least I didn’t get motion sick!  I think if these two movies were combined they would make a h*ll of a movie.  Shady dude digs for oil out in the desert, and uncovers Alien like monster.  I’m not sure where to stick the evangelist.  He could talk of doom and predict the future.  But that would still be a bit trite.

I hope Episode 4 of Prime Suspect comes tomorrow.


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