Prime Suspect, the Final Act

Jan. 12 article from Science News, written by Patrick Barry states that roundworms need protons to poop…protons released by roundworms’ intestines trigger surrounding muscles to contract, causing the worm to defecate. I don’t know how Mr Barry found this out, but now I know there is a whole world out there to explore when I retire.

I know I won’t have any more episodes of Prime Suspect to watch, sigh, cuz I watched the last one. Jane Tennison is on the verge of retiring. Her father dies, she battles alcoholism and loneliness, and, she loses friends and family left and right. Her whole life has been dedicated to being a detective. She started at age 17 as a bobby and admits to a 14 year girl that it was the power she loved. Well she’s very good at what she does and even the embittered father of the murder victim, who calls her a cold, hard bitch, thanks her in the end. There is no way she can lose her last case even as she hits pretty close to bottom.

The acting in this episode is wonderful. Of course there is Helen Mirren. She is so convincing as the cold, hard bitch, but boy, is she good! Laura Greenwood is very good as the 14 year old best friend of the murder victim. She fools the drunken Mirren into revealing some of her weaknesses. Garry Lewis is the grieving father.

Now I’m at a loss. What next? DCI Tennison’s friends and family kept asking her the same thing. She walks out on her own retirement party leaving not a clue.


As I start my goodbyes (4 months, 32 days, 55 minutes) I get asked that a lot, too. I don’t have the answer. I’m still not sure what I want to accomplish before I leave. There are big happenings coming up at work. Do I give my opinion or just shut up? I decided not to shut up until the retirement clock reads 3 months.


Trick the Movie 2, and Episode 6 of Prime Suspect, Review

Trick the Movie 2 stars Yukie Nakama who was the creepy well women from Ring 0 and ninja girl, Shinobi as a novice magician. She doesn’t do well as a magician so she becomes a magician’s helper to learn more magic tricks. She goes off with her friend to investigate the disappearance of young girl on a strange island ruled by a magician and her cult followers. She does battle the with the magician, and figures out all the tricks and solves the mystery of the disappearance. The whole thing is done in a comicky book way. While there were some fun moments I wasn’t in the mood for the antics. I will rate it 1.4/5 acorns, no clives. Here they are from Trick 1.


Prime Suspect 6, The Last Witness: So far this episode is one of the most intriguing, IMO. While I want to watch the next one right away, I’m sad as it will be the last. In this episode, a young women is found dead, apparently having been the victim of torture twice, several years apart. The trail leads to a security guard played by Velibor Topic, and then to an Optician who is brought in to translate for him. It was very exciting and I could hardly wait to throw disc 2 in.


Velibor Topic was in Kingdom of Heaven. I can’t find much info about him on the Internet. He was very good in this episode playing a “hitman” who feels he is killing for the right reasons. Helen Mirren’s character is her usual bolicking self.

Warlords, Poppoya and Gone Baby Gone, reviews

affiche-warlords-tau-ming-chong-2007-1.jpgWarlords stars Jet Li, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro in this story of love, loyalties, war and politics. Jet Li is a general who pretends he is dead to survive a battle. His entire army has been slaughtered. He wanders aimlessly and when he collapses finds himself saved by a woman. She disappears after a night with him and haunts him the rest of the movie. He comes across some bandits, Lau and Kaneshiro, who raid for food to feed their starving band. When Kaneshiro tries to steal Li’s leggings, he finds himself mismatched in the fight and invites Li to join them. They eventually get led into some battles for the empress by Li who convinces the bandits that having a cause and following rules is a much better destiny. But he himself is flawed, tempted by a the politicians who promise him a return to power, and by the women, who wife to his sworn blood brother Lau. The movie as some of the grandiose scenes like the movie Hero. The story is somewhat Shakespearean. The fight scenes are not overdone IMO. I will rate this move 3/5 acorns.

popoya02.jpgPoppoya is a very slow moving Japanese movie about a man who’s whole life revolves around his job as a station master. He is at one of those stations at the end of the line that are no longer profitable. The town mine has closed and many days no one gets off the train. His friends and adopted son try to convince him to move away and try something different, but he knows no other life. The movie flashes back to the events of his life…saving his friends life, the birth and death of his only child, the adoption of a vagrant’s son, the death of his wife. I will rate this one 2/5 acorns. It is very slow. It has a ghost in it so that helped a little.

gonebabygonebts.jpgGone Baby Gone is directed by Ben Affleck and stars his younger brother Casey. It’s intriguing tale of a private detective who gets involved in the case of  missing child.  The police are involved but the grandmother of the missing child feels he may be able to get some inside clues as he is a hometown boy.  What he finds and how things go took me by surprise.  The Affleck’s have done a great job on this project.  I will rate it 4/5 acorns.