Trick the Movie 2, and Episode 6 of Prime Suspect, Review

Trick the Movie 2 stars Yukie Nakama who was the creepy well women from Ring 0 and ninja girl, Shinobi as a novice magician. She doesn’t do well as a magician so she becomes a magician’s helper to learn more magic tricks. She goes off with her friend to investigate the disappearance of young girl on a strange island ruled by a magician and her cult followers. She does battle the with the magician, and figures out all the tricks and solves the mystery of the disappearance. The whole thing is done in a comicky book way. While there were some fun moments I wasn’t in the mood for the antics. I will rate it 1.4/5 acorns, no clives. Here they are from Trick 1.


Prime Suspect 6, The Last Witness: So far this episode is one of the most intriguing, IMO. While I want to watch the next one right away, I’m sad as it will be the last. In this episode, a young women is found dead, apparently having been the victim of torture twice, several years apart. The trail leads to a security guard played by Velibor Topic, and then to an Optician who is brought in to translate for him. It was very exciting and I could hardly wait to throw disc 2 in.


Velibor Topic was in Kingdom of Heaven. I can’t find much info about him on the Internet. He was very good in this episode playing a “hitman” who feels he is killing for the right reasons. Helen Mirren’s character is her usual bolicking self.


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