Prime Suspect, the Final Act

Jan. 12 article from Science News, written by Patrick Barry states that roundworms need protons to poop…protons released by roundworms’ intestines trigger surrounding muscles to contract, causing the worm to defecate. I don’t know how Mr Barry found this out, but now I know there is a whole world out there to explore when I retire.

I know I won’t have any more episodes of Prime Suspect to watch, sigh, cuz I watched the last one. Jane Tennison is on the verge of retiring. Her father dies, she battles alcoholism and loneliness, and, she loses friends and family left and right. Her whole life has been dedicated to being a detective. She started at age 17 as a bobby and admits to a 14 year girl that it was the power she loved. Well she’s very good at what she does and even the embittered father of the murder victim, who calls her a cold, hard bitch, thanks her in the end. There is no way she can lose her last case even as she hits pretty close to bottom.

The acting in this episode is wonderful. Of course there is Helen Mirren. She is so convincing as the cold, hard bitch, but boy, is she good! Laura Greenwood is very good as the 14 year old best friend of the murder victim. She fools the drunken Mirren into revealing some of her weaknesses. Garry Lewis is the grieving father.

Now I’m at a loss. What next? DCI Tennison’s friends and family kept asking her the same thing. She walks out on her own retirement party leaving not a clue.


As I start my goodbyes (4 months, 32 days, 55 minutes) I get asked that a lot, too. I don’t have the answer. I’m still not sure what I want to accomplish before I leave. There are big happenings coming up at work. Do I give my opinion or just shut up? I decided not to shut up until the retirement clock reads 3 months.


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