Transporter 2, review

I watched this on TV and enjoyed it quite a bit. I will have to rent Transport 1 now. I tried watching it once but it moved to fast at the time. I must have been knitting lace or something. The flying car scenes, great explosions and fight scenes were just the ticket for my virus steeped brain this weekend. It took my mind off how crappy I felt. Jason Statham is great in a role very much like the one he played in Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels and Crank.



Horton Hears a Who, Review

I took my son to Horton tonight and was a bit shocked to pay 19.99 for two tickets!  The dollar movie is starting to sound a lot better.

That said, I laughed a lot at this movie.  The animation was very Dr. Seuss-like although some modern-speak and rhythms were added.  Jim Carrey was frenetic but not over the top.  I still want to know what the little puff ball critter is supposed to be.

Was it as cute as Finding Nemo?  Hmm.  That’s a tough one.  Very close.


28 weeks later, review


Zombies have come a long way from the slow moving brain seeking/eating machines of old. It has been discovered that the cause of Zombieism is a virus. This virus beats out the common cold for onset of action, for in less then 20 seconds after contact with blood or saliva, even nice ole dad is morphed into a raging, drooling, red-eyed, biting machine.

The first movie, 28 days later was really great-action, suspense and unforgiving zombies. After 28 days, apparently the virus spread to all of Britain and it is quarantined off. A family who is holed up out in the country is attacked by zombies, and dad escapes, leaving mom to her fate. He is reunited with his kids who were luckily off the camp or something and tells them mum is dead. The kids sneak home to collect some personal items, only to find mom home, just a bit tattered. The troops move in and capture mom, and it is discovered that she is infected but somehow immune. The scientists are fascinated, the army would rather incinerate her. The kind doctor realizes that the kids may have inherited whatever makes her immune.

One of the greatest scenes is when an army of infected are chasing the kids and their rescuers through a field and the rescue helicopter mows the zombies down. Who thinks of this stuff. If you like zombies and all the gore they entail, then this is the movie for you. I will rate it 4/5 acorns and 2 clives.

The DVD has extra features like the making of which were also interesting. The directors of this movie were Spanish, it takes place in Britain, the armed services are American, and dad is Scottish. I put on the English subs just in case. This soundtrack made my windows rattle, too.

Five Centimeters per Second, Hustle and Flow, Review

5 cm/sec is the speed a cherry blossom falls at. There are 3 parts to this movie by the the same director/write of Voices from a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Makoto Shinkai. The story portrays two lives that were bound by love in grade school. They journey apart but are in each others thoughts forever. At some point they each have to let go to move forward. The animation is beautiful. The story is a bit morose.

Hustle and Flow is a story about a small time pimp and drug dealer who tries to reach his dream of becoming a famous hip hop artist when he runs into an old friend who has risen out of the old life. The soundtrack made my windows rattle.

I have difficulty committing to rating the movies these days. I’ll blame it on the whole “retirement is looming around the corner” thing. Somedays I’m very happy about it and just know it’s right for me, but there are little naggy voices (Yikes, no income, you fool), lots of people to leave behind(I thank them for saying nice things to me) and what are you going to do? Well train for the marathon for one. Hang out in my jammies for another. Declutter? Read few books. I’m giving myself at least 6 months off! But no deadlines. No commitments, heh.

More movies

Reign Over Me

I watched this again and it was still engaging and sad/funny.

(lyrics of the theme song by The Who excerpted from

Only love can bring the rain that makes you yearn to the sky
Only love can bring the rain that falls like tears from all high

Love, Reign o’er me,Rain on me,Rain on me

On the dry and dusty road the nights we spent apart alone I need to get back home to cool cool rain

I can’t sleep and I lay and I think the night is hot and black as ink
…God I need a drink of cool cool rain

Love, Reign o’er me, Rain over me

I found this one in a used DVD bin somewhere and bought it as it has John Lynch in it. It’s an average bug movie that takes place on a lonely Irish farm where creepy experiments are going on. I got a crush on John Lynch after watching him in stuff like Moll Flanders, Cal, Some Mother’s Sons and The Secret Garden.

The Lost Prince refers to John, 5th and youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary of England. He suffered from epilepsy and was hidden away from the world. According toWikipedia, King George had 5 children, but on one, Edward is portrayed besides John in this BBC TV presentation. Edward later gained notoriety by marrying an American divorcee and abdicating his throne. Another brother became King George VI, and had a long reign. His daughter became Elizabeth II. But I digress.

The historical backdrop is WWI. I showed glimpses of the royal connections, such as the ill-fated cousin, Russian Tsar and Anastasia, and the German royalty, related through Queen Mary, John’s mother and the origin of the House of Windsor. The Tzar’s family was initially going to have asylum in Britain, but later for political reasons asylum was refused.

Another interesting character is Arthur Bigge, 1st Baron of Samfordham, personal secretary of George V. He held the same position to Queen Victoria, and although his barony became “extinct” (I didn’t know baron went extinct) his grandson held the same position for Queen Elizabeth II. (all this from Wikipedia, so hopefully true:)

Karen, my retirement mentor says I’m allowed to whine, that I should continue to attend meetings but to thank people, wish them well and be grateful that I don’t have to be around for the solutions to the problems. Time to meditate on words like grace, gratitude and acknowledgment. Dang acknowledgment is a long word for me to carve in silver. I wonder if I’m allowed to knit during meetings? Will it seem insincere? Heh, I know that answer to that one!


Catching up the Netflix Queue

The Animations: Beowulf, Renaissance.

Family Fare: Lost in the Barrens, Railway Children, Goodnight Mr. Tom

Big Screen: Juno

Classics: The Idiot

British TV: MI5

So many movies so little time.  I was surprised by Juno.  I resisted seeing it and found a funny, charming movie.  Perhaps I wrote about it before.

MI5 is pretty exciting, but not as engaging as  my last British series.  I keep moving it down on the list, so perhaps I will not complete the series.

The Idiot is directed by Akira Kurosawa and stars a very young Toshiro Mifune.  I never read the Dostoevsky book. This movie was utterly impossible to follow and after reading about it, I know why.  It was just cut because it was too long, over 200 minutes and so the story lacks continuity and connection.  I can’t recommend it unless just to study parts and cinemtagraphy and to see see Toshiro Mifune in the early days.

The family fare, especially The Railway Children were all average but entertaining.

Both animations were quite good.  Beowulf has a different story line then the life action rendition.  It has some great dragons.  The animation was very gamelike in parts and I found that a bit distracting.  Renaissance takes place in France and is black and white.  The story is complex and futuristic and sad.

3 months, 14 days, 18 hours and 22 minutes

I got over the part about planning my life after I retire.  I will do what every I want.  I’m not stressing over where my life will go.  There are many resources out there dedicated to the “after” I retire.

But what about now?  So many thoughts and feeling.  Somethings are easy to let go.  Somethings are hard.

What do I tell my patients knowing that no one has been hired to replace me?

How do I resist interjecting my cynicism and burned out opinions? Shall I just stop going to meetings?

How do I resist lashing out with dealing with the process changes that affect everything I do on a daily basis, on top of a workload that has grown unmanageable for me and project a sense of grace I do not feel?

I feel some “lists” coming on.

Who do I care about?  (other the me if course)  My patients, my team partners.  What do I want and how to I get it?  I want the transition to be smooth.  I want my partners to be buffered as I know their stress/work level is already high.  Can I do anything about it?   I have no control over recruitment.  So far no fish have bitten.  If no one is hired what do I tell my patients?  I would like them to know who is accountable so I have to find out who that is.  Is that reasonable? Until my last day, I want to maintain my work standards as best I can given I have to say goodbye and I know there will be unfinished business.

I am a lame duck.  “Ultimately, the origin comes from the idea that a lame duck is unable to move or accomplish anything at all; all the senses, viewed very broadly, mean ‘ineffectual’.”  or just simply “one whose position or term of office will soon end”  I want to leave an image a happy duck.

A Very Long Engagement and Untraceable, Reviews

Untraceable is a Seven-like movie that was pretty exciting. A cyber serial killer is evading Diane Lane’s FBI techniques. What is their connection? As she gets closer, it suddenly gets personal when her house and child show up on the Web site that an ever increasing number of curious surfers log in to watch victims die. The more people that visit, thefaster the victim dies.  . I will rate it 3/5 acorns and 1 clive for blood and violence. Comes with the whole serial killer thing, heh.

A Very Long Engagement is a French movie starring Audry Tautou of Amelie (which I never got in to) and Gaspard Ulliel (the young Hannibal in Hannibal Rising). They meet when she is 9 and he is 10, and eventually fall in love and become engaged. Then WW1 intervenes and he is conscripted and sent to the front. Report comes back that he and 4 other men have been sentenced to death for self-mutilation and that he is dead. In her heart she doesn’t believe this and hires a detective to help her find him. The movie goes back and forth in time as she follow leads, and learns about the other men and women involved. The costuming is very beautiful. The acting is wonderful. The main character is supported by a doting family and her earnest entreaties win over a weary widow,  and even a prostitute in prison waiting for the guillotine. This is a lovely film. It is in French with subtitles. I will rate it 4/5 acorns. War is hell, so there is violence and blood, but not enough for a clive. Oh, and BTW, Jodie Foster is in it speaking French.