A Very Long Engagement and Untraceable, Reviews

Untraceable is a Seven-like movie that was pretty exciting. A cyber serial killer is evading Diane Lane’s FBI techniques. What is their connection? As she gets closer, it suddenly gets personal when her house and child show up on the Web site that an ever increasing number of curious surfers log in to watch victims die. The more people that visit, thefaster the victim dies.  . I will rate it 3/5 acorns and 1 clive for blood and violence. Comes with the whole serial killer thing, heh.

A Very Long Engagement is a French movie starring Audry Tautou of Amelie (which I never got in to) and Gaspard Ulliel (the young Hannibal in Hannibal Rising). They meet when she is 9 and he is 10, and eventually fall in love and become engaged. Then WW1 intervenes and he is conscripted and sent to the front. Report comes back that he and 4 other men have been sentenced to death for self-mutilation and that he is dead. In her heart she doesn’t believe this and hires a detective to help her find him. The movie goes back and forth in time as she follow leads, and learns about the other men and women involved. The costuming is very beautiful. The acting is wonderful. The main character is supported by a doting family and her earnest entreaties win over a weary widow,  and even a prostitute in prison waiting for the guillotine. This is a lovely film. It is in French with subtitles. I will rate it 4/5 acorns. War is hell, so there is violence and blood, but not enough for a clive. Oh, and BTW, Jodie Foster is in it speaking French.


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