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Reign Over Me

I watched this again and it was still engaging and sad/funny.

(lyrics of the theme song by The Who excerpted from

Only love can bring the rain that makes you yearn to the sky
Only love can bring the rain that falls like tears from all high

Love, Reign o’er me,Rain on me,Rain on me

On the dry and dusty road the nights we spent apart alone I need to get back home to cool cool rain

I can’t sleep and I lay and I think the night is hot and black as ink
…God I need a drink of cool cool rain

Love, Reign o’er me, Rain over me

I found this one in a used DVD bin somewhere and bought it as it has John Lynch in it. It’s an average bug movie that takes place on a lonely Irish farm where creepy experiments are going on. I got a crush on John Lynch after watching him in stuff like Moll Flanders, Cal, Some Mother’s Sons and The Secret Garden.

The Lost Prince refers to John, 5th and youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary of England. He suffered from epilepsy and was hidden away from the world. According toWikipedia, King George had 5 children, but on one, Edward is portrayed besides John in this BBC TV presentation. Edward later gained notoriety by marrying an American divorcee and abdicating his throne. Another brother became King George VI, and had a long reign. His daughter became Elizabeth II. But I digress.

The historical backdrop is WWI. I showed glimpses of the royal connections, such as the ill-fated cousin, Russian Tsar and Anastasia, and the German royalty, related through Queen Mary, John’s mother and the origin of the House of Windsor. The Tzar’s family was initially going to have asylum in Britain, but later for political reasons asylum was refused.

Another interesting character is Arthur Bigge, 1st Baron of Samfordham, personal secretary of George V. He held the same position to Queen Victoria, and although his barony became “extinct” (I didn’t know baron went extinct) his grandson held the same position for Queen Elizabeth II. (all this from Wikipedia, so hopefully true:)

Karen, my retirement mentor says I’m allowed to whine, that I should continue to attend meetings but to thank people, wish them well and be grateful that I don’t have to be around for the solutions to the problems. Time to meditate on words like grace, gratitude and acknowledgment. Dang acknowledgment is a long word for me to carve in silver. I wonder if I’m allowed to knit during meetings? Will it seem insincere? Heh, I know that answer to that one!



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