Five Centimeters per Second, Hustle and Flow, Review

5 cm/sec is the speed a cherry blossom falls at. There are 3 parts to this movie by the the same director/write of Voices from a Distant Star and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Makoto Shinkai. The story portrays two lives that were bound by love in grade school. They journey apart but are in each others thoughts forever. At some point they each have to let go to move forward. The animation is beautiful. The story is a bit morose.

Hustle and Flow is a story about a small time pimp and drug dealer who tries to reach his dream of becoming a famous hip hop artist when he runs into an old friend who has risen out of the old life. The soundtrack made my windows rattle.

I have difficulty committing to rating the movies these days. I’ll blame it on the whole “retirement is looming around the corner” thing. Somedays I’m very happy about it and just know it’s right for me, but there are little naggy voices (Yikes, no income, you fool), lots of people to leave behind(I thank them for saying nice things to me) and what are you going to do? Well train for the marathon for one. Hang out in my jammies for another. Declutter? Read few books. I’m giving myself at least 6 months off! But no deadlines. No commitments, heh.


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