28 weeks later, review


Zombies have come a long way from the slow moving brain seeking/eating machines of old. It has been discovered that the cause of Zombieism is a virus. This virus beats out the common cold for onset of action, for in less then 20 seconds after contact with blood or saliva, even nice ole dad is morphed into a raging, drooling, red-eyed, biting machine.

The first movie, 28 days later was really great-action, suspense and unforgiving zombies. After 28 days, apparently the virus spread to all of Britain and it is quarantined off. A family who is holed up out in the country is attacked by zombies, and dad escapes, leaving mom to her fate. He is reunited with his kids who were luckily off the camp or something and tells them mum is dead. The kids sneak home to collect some personal items, only to find mom home, just a bit tattered. The troops move in and capture mom, and it is discovered that she is infected but somehow immune. The scientists are fascinated, the army would rather incinerate her. The kind doctor realizes that the kids may have inherited whatever makes her immune.

One of the greatest scenes is when an army of infected are chasing the kids and their rescuers through a field and the rescue helicopter mows the zombies down. Who thinks of this stuff. If you like zombies and all the gore they entail, then this is the movie for you. I will rate it 4/5 acorns and 2 clives.

The DVD has extra features like the making of which were also interesting. The directors of this movie were Spanish, it takes place in Britain, the armed services are American, and dad is Scottish. I put on the English subs just in case. This soundtrack made my windows rattle, too.


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