Kibakichi, Snatch and some unamed romance, review

I’m too lazy to go look up the name of that unnamed romance I got sucked in to yesterday, or was it Sunday? Being on vacation has made me brain dead. Anyway, it was kind of cute. Pretty poor rich girl has been ignored by her father forever while he works to build his empire. He didn’t even call her when her mother died and she had to find out from the housekeeper when she phoned home from her boarding school. She has relationship issues and a bit of a substance abuse problem, I would say. But she is pretty and blond so I guess it’s okay. She meets Mr. Boring but handsome, while she is looking for her bra in the pond at her friends wedding. She puts the moves on him, but he refuses to take advantage of the drunk girl. Of course he turns out to be her father’s right hand man. Of course he turns out to be Mr. Right for her. Of course there is a happy ending. Just hope she goes to AA to ensure her sobriety. Why do I fall for these happy endings. Sigh. Cue Emmylou.

” We believe in happy endings
Never breaking
Only bending
Taking time enough for mending
The hurt inside

We believe in new beginnings
Giving in
And forgiving
We believe in happy endings
You and I”

Sing it Johnny rodrigues

Snatch is another film in my series of Jason Stratham movies. It is a 2000 movie directed by Guy Ritchie and also stars Brad Pitt. The first time I watched this I wasn’t able to make it through. It definitely required more concentration and bigger screen for me. Mr. Stratham doesn’t get to use his kick boxing so much. Mr. Pitt looks wonderful and is quite convincing speaking whatever language he is speaking. The movie as a whole was very entertaining. Lots of bungling and tongue in cheek verbal and visual humour. I will rate this 3/5 acorns and a bit of a clive due to the fact that a number of people that get bumped off in rather graphic ways.

Speaking of graphic, check out Kikakichi

Mr. Kibakichi is yokai. In fact he’s a werewolf. The yokai have been hunted into hiding by the humans and they try to blend in by living as old people in the country. Some have dreams of living in peace with humans and even love some humans that have become part of their communities. The human being separated from his head was thought to be a friend to the yokai, but instead leads an extermination party against them. His secret weapon, the Gatling gun, works like a charm, but riles up Kibakichi who is not only an expert swordsman but a snarling, hairy werewolf. This movie has many of the conventions of some of my favorite samurai movies…standing off and running through dusty or grassy plains, the great hats and hair, the blighted hero, the sullen eyes. In addition has great costumes for the yokai…creepy but human-like. I will rate this 3/5 acorns and 1 clive. Not for everyone I would say.

Ooh, and there’s a part two.

Battlestar Galactica rocks!


Revolver, more Atsuhime Review

Revolver is another movie with Jason Statham. He plays a much more serious role then the cheeky transporter. Madonna’s husband, Richie directs. The DVD also had some specials on it and I got to hear Mr. Statham pronounce his own name, so I don’t have to butcher it any more. This movie reminded me a bit of The Usual Suspects. Jason’s character Jake has just gotten out of jail. He opted for half his term in solitary rather then the full 15 years. On one side of him was a con man and on the other a chess master. He never meets either one, but the 3 form a relationship through notes written in books they share. When he gets released his mind is set on revenge. Ray Liotta is the target of his revenge. Guy Ritchie uses a method of film editing that moves freely back and and forth in time. There are many cryptic scenes and that’s why it reminds me of the Usual Suspects. Jake learns four rules from the con men.

This was a very interesting movie on several levels. The charaters are odd and well acted. The movement of the film and processing of the parts was well done. For me the film tried to be too “deep” and it went over my head and caused me to drop off for a few seconds and wonder if I suffered from narcoleptic attacks or sleep apnea. I didn’t see the twist coming until very close to the end. I will no doubt ponder the 4 rules and see if they apply to my own life and pending retirement.

There is some violence. Ray’s hit man, Sorter, played very well by Mark Strong is quite effective, even after he develops feelings. Ray of course has no qualms about torturing people he thinks have information he wants, and of course none of them really know anything he wants to know. I will rate this 2.5 acorns, right smack in the middle.

In this weeks episode of Atsuhime, the princess goes off to her new home and suffers acute adjustment reaction.  I know she will rise above and eagerly await the next chapter.  I hope she gets together with her old childhood friend.

Transporter, Jokichi, and Atsuhime, reviews

Transporter was much easier for me to watch on a larger screen. It moves very quickly and was most entertaining. Frank transports objects and persons for money. As long as the job is agreed on up front, he is paid, and the job does not change at the last minute, he will transport anything and anyone, for anybody. The movie opens with him showing up at a robbery. Problem? 4 people instead of 3. He refuses to move even with the police bearing down on them. So the boss shoots one guy and then there are only 3 and off they go. The next job involves delivering a package. When he stops for a snack and opens the trunk he notices the package moving and inside he finds a young Chinese women. He breaks his rule and opens the package. He is touched by her plight but still delivers her. The bad guy knows he had opened the package so tries to kill Frank. So Frank fights back. Jason Stratham is great in this role he has created…Transporter 1 and 2, with 3 on the way, and Crank 1, with Crank 2 on the way. Lots of great chase scenes and martial arts, with tongue in cheek humor. I rate it 3.5/5 acorns. No clives.

Jokichi and is a chanbara about a swordsman out to revenge the rape and killing of his wife, and his son. It is also known as the Miyogami Trilogy. It is true to form and a great way to spend some down time. Lots of fake blood, and a weary looking antihero. He gets to wear the basket hat on his head but his is pretty worn out.


Atsuhime is the 47th NHK Taiga drama. Atsuhime is adopted into an upper branch of her family and eventually marries the 13th Tokugawa shogun, Iesada. He apparently will die and leave her a widow at age 23. The period she lives in is one of great change in Japan, as Perry will be arriving soon. I find myself drawn in to this story, so now my Tuesday night is full:)

Spygame and I am Legend, reviews

Spy Game stars Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. Redford is a CIA agent on his last day at work. Brad Pitt is an ex-agent he had trained after then met in Vietnam. They have a falling out during a Mideast caper and Brad goes his own way. Brad has fallen in love with a British exile. She ends up being captured by the Chinese and he goes to rescue her. He gets caught and the political forces in American want to write him off and keep it quiet, since it’s an election year. Marianne Jean-Baptiste is wonderful as Redford’s secretary and they pull the wool over the uptight Stephen Dilane in a effort to get Brad and his girlfriend out of Su Chau prision. It was entertaining, because of course it had Brad Pitt in it, but Redford was not quite convincing, imo. I will rate it 2.5/5 acorns.

I am Legend is based on one of my favorite sci fi novels, by Richard Matheson. I still have my book, somewhat tattered and spotted I got from the Friends of the Library sale some time ago for 2 bucks. The two other movies I saw based on this story, the 1971 Charlton Heston version, Omega Man and 1964’s The Last Man on Earth were both pretty disappointing. I had a hard time visualizing Will Smith as Neville so I put off seeing it. One of my horror buff imaginary friends urged me to see it and he really doesn’t like Will Smith at all, so I thought, what the heck. The movie doesn’t follow the book much. It is very updated. The creatures are pretty cool. As it turned out I like it very much. In fact I wished it was a little longer. I will rate it 4/5 acorns. Dog lovers better not watch this movie. Mr. Smith surprised me and was very good.i_am_legend_will_smith__1_.jpg