Transporter, Jokichi, and Atsuhime, reviews

Transporter was much easier for me to watch on a larger screen. It moves very quickly and was most entertaining. Frank transports objects and persons for money. As long as the job is agreed on up front, he is paid, and the job does not change at the last minute, he will transport anything and anyone, for anybody. The movie opens with him showing up at a robbery. Problem? 4 people instead of 3. He refuses to move even with the police bearing down on them. So the boss shoots one guy and then there are only 3 and off they go. The next job involves delivering a package. When he stops for a snack and opens the trunk he notices the package moving and inside he finds a young Chinese women. He breaks his rule and opens the package. He is touched by her plight but still delivers her. The bad guy knows he had opened the package so tries to kill Frank. So Frank fights back. Jason Stratham is great in this role he has created…Transporter 1 and 2, with 3 on the way, and Crank 1, with Crank 2 on the way. Lots of great chase scenes and martial arts, with tongue in cheek humor. I rate it 3.5/5 acorns. No clives.

Jokichi and is a chanbara about a swordsman out to revenge the rape and killing of his wife, and his son. It is also known as the Miyogami Trilogy. It is true to form and a great way to spend some down time. Lots of fake blood, and a weary looking antihero. He gets to wear the basket hat on his head but his is pretty worn out.


Atsuhime is the 47th NHK Taiga drama. Atsuhime is adopted into an upper branch of her family and eventually marries the 13th Tokugawa shogun, Iesada. He apparently will die and leave her a widow at age 23. The period she lives in is one of great change in Japan, as Perry will be arriving soon. I find myself drawn in to this story, so now my Tuesday night is full:)


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