Revolver, more Atsuhime Review

Revolver is another movie with Jason Statham. He plays a much more serious role then the cheeky transporter. Madonna’s husband, Richie directs. The DVD also had some specials on it and I got to hear Mr. Statham pronounce his own name, so I don’t have to butcher it any more. This movie reminded me a bit of The Usual Suspects. Jason’s character Jake has just gotten out of jail. He opted for half his term in solitary rather then the full 15 years. On one side of him was a con man and on the other a chess master. He never meets either one, but the 3 form a relationship through notes written in books they share. When he gets released his mind is set on revenge. Ray Liotta is the target of his revenge. Guy Ritchie uses a method of film editing that moves freely back and and forth in time. There are many cryptic scenes and that’s why it reminds me of the Usual Suspects. Jake learns four rules from the con men.

This was a very interesting movie on several levels. The charaters are odd and well acted. The movement of the film and processing of the parts was well done. For me the film tried to be too “deep” and it went over my head and caused me to drop off for a few seconds and wonder if I suffered from narcoleptic attacks or sleep apnea. I didn’t see the twist coming until very close to the end. I will no doubt ponder the 4 rules and see if they apply to my own life and pending retirement.

There is some violence. Ray’s hit man, Sorter, played very well by Mark Strong is quite effective, even after he develops feelings. Ray of course has no qualms about torturing people he thinks have information he wants, and of course none of them really know anything he wants to know. I will rate this 2.5 acorns, right smack in the middle.

In this weeks episode of Atsuhime, the princess goes off to her new home and suffers acute adjustment reaction.  I know she will rise above and eagerly await the next chapter.  I hope she gets together with her old childhood friend.


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