Kibakichi, Snatch and some unamed romance, review

I’m too lazy to go look up the name of that unnamed romance I got sucked in to yesterday, or was it Sunday? Being on vacation has made me brain dead. Anyway, it was kind of cute. Pretty poor rich girl has been ignored by her father forever while he works to build his empire. He didn’t even call her when her mother died and she had to find out from the housekeeper when she phoned home from her boarding school. She has relationship issues and a bit of a substance abuse problem, I would say. But she is pretty and blond so I guess it’s okay. She meets Mr. Boring but handsome, while she is looking for her bra in the pond at her friends wedding. She puts the moves on him, but he refuses to take advantage of the drunk girl. Of course he turns out to be her father’s right hand man. Of course he turns out to be Mr. Right for her. Of course there is a happy ending. Just hope she goes to AA to ensure her sobriety. Why do I fall for these happy endings. Sigh. Cue Emmylou.

” We believe in happy endings
Never breaking
Only bending
Taking time enough for mending
The hurt inside

We believe in new beginnings
Giving in
And forgiving
We believe in happy endings
You and I”

Sing it Johnny rodrigues

Snatch is another film in my series of Jason Stratham movies. It is a 2000 movie directed by Guy Ritchie and also stars Brad Pitt. The first time I watched this I wasn’t able to make it through. It definitely required more concentration and bigger screen for me. Mr. Stratham doesn’t get to use his kick boxing so much. Mr. Pitt looks wonderful and is quite convincing speaking whatever language he is speaking. The movie as a whole was very entertaining. Lots of bungling and tongue in cheek verbal and visual humour. I will rate this 3/5 acorns and a bit of a clive due to the fact that a number of people that get bumped off in rather graphic ways.

Speaking of graphic, check out Kikakichi

Mr. Kibakichi is yokai. In fact he’s a werewolf. The yokai have been hunted into hiding by the humans and they try to blend in by living as old people in the country. Some have dreams of living in peace with humans and even love some humans that have become part of their communities. The human being separated from his head was thought to be a friend to the yokai, but instead leads an extermination party against them. His secret weapon, the Gatling gun, works like a charm, but riles up Kibakichi who is not only an expert swordsman but a snarling, hairy werewolf. This movie has many of the conventions of some of my favorite samurai movies…standing off and running through dusty or grassy plains, the great hats and hair, the blighted hero, the sullen eyes. In addition has great costumes for the yokai…creepy but human-like. I will rate this 3/5 acorns and 1 clive. Not for everyone I would say.

Ooh, and there’s a part two.

Battlestar Galactica rocks!


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