The Mist, review

The Mist is a Stephen King bug movie. The armed forces have been doing some experimenting up there on the mountain doing who knows what. After a thunder storm a heavy mist rolls in and in it lurks some kind of evil that makes grown men scream! Our hero has gone to the store with his gnarly lawyer neighbor and his son to get supplies to fix the window damaged by that tree planted by grandfather when it falls during the storm. They are trapped in the grocery store when a screaming man runs in declaring they should all lock themselves down, due to something being in that mist. Many are in disbelief until the bag boy goes out and is devoured by a beast with lots of huge tentacles.

Marcia Gay Harden is very convincing as the religious fanatic. As a knitter I was drawn to her sweater and felt that the movie unfairly portrayed people who wear hand knit sweaters as slightly crazed. As a knitter I take issue with that.

I mean look at the detail on those sleeves!

The hight point of the movie is the bugs. ..great big bugs and nasty ones to boot. I didn’t like the ending. Endings are the hardest part of any movie or story. I won’t say more.

I will rate this one 2.5/5. It had some good moments and characters. And, did I mention the bugs? 1 clive.


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