Kibakichi2 stars the same ole human-wolf yokai, wandering aimlessly without friends. I can relate to him as I approach my retirement date. Kibakichi has the same garb and great hat as he did in Kibakichi. He strolls into a village in time to save the blind maid from a stray dog. The dog is quite fluffy and better groomed then our hero. Kibakichi is attacked soon after and suffers a stab wound. Although blind, she can smell blood and in spite of his assurance that he can take care of himself, she follows him to the temple where he takes shelter and tends to his wounds. Miraculously, she happens to be the doctors assistant and trades in her comb, a keepsake from her mom, to pay for the rare medicine. The townspeople are quite horrified she would take care of a yokai, but she pays her debt with her lovely theme song playing in the background.

Kibakichi’s other encounters are with Sakuramaru, the town drunk, Anju the she human-wolf from his hometown, and the ghostly 3 some who’s motives aren’t entirely clear. Sakuramaru can’t help being a slovenly, bully as he is a bastard and had poor mothering. He is fascinated by Anju and follows her around trying to get lucky. She finds him rather annoying. He was really rather annoying, but had a cool ponytail i keep waiting for it to fall off his head. The 3 some have some magical powers, but in the end are no match for our hero and are killed off too easily.

As the ending approaches, the dead bodies pile up. As I guessed the first fatality I cared about, the blind maid, was knocked off pretty quickly. Her being so sweet was her downfall. The last showdown is between Anju and Kibakichi. The choreography of this fight was more like dancing and I still wonder what happened to the she-wolf’s ears.

This netflicked movie came all the way from Arkansas…must be the hot bed of samurai werewolf movies. Who would have thunk? I really liked the theme song, written by Kenji Kawaii, who also is responsible for the really cool soundtrack from Ghost in the Shell and Avalon.

There is a great shot at the end of the movie.

While not as cohesive a tale as Kibakichi 1, I still found this movie funny with a high cheese factor. I will give in 3/5 acorns and 1/2 of a clive.


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