Ironman, Review

I never would have picked Robert Downey Jr for this part and I can’t see Edward Norton as the Incredible hulk, but then I couldn’t see Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman either. Note to self to cross off casting director as second career.

Mr. Downey plays an extremely bright engineer who has followed his father’s footsteps into the business of building war machines. He leads a fast, superficial personal life and is pretty clueless about matters of the heart and conscience. Gwyenth Paltrow is Pepper Potts, Ironman’s girl friday. She takes care of all the mundane necessities such as remembering his social security number and taking out the trash. Jeff Bridges is the conniving business partner and Terrence Howard (of Hustle and Flow) is the faithful childhood friend.

This movie had a lot of action, great machines, tongue in cheek humor, a little romance and I did not mind that it was 126 minutes long. Ironman is a great superhero…cocky and flawed, but dedicated to fight for justice and freedom.

There are some very memorable scenes…one of Jeff Bridges in his wannabe Ironman costume, Downey’s robot “dog” dousing him on firepatrol, the malibu house…

No secret that I enjoyed this movie.


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