It’s a whine

28 days and counting.  I’m tryng to be good.  The last word from my retirement coaches is to keep my cool.  I just have to yell this out!

I can’t know things I was not informed about.  Don’t get mad at me!  I still don’t read minds and I’m not Borg, so no collective consciousness.

My support staff was cut to build up the new support system, but hey after 6 months my work load has increased with no real solution in sight.  Nada has been taken off my plate!  And yes, I know, things are tough all over.  But the chaos is impeding my ability to do my work the way I want to.

I hate cleaning up after people and having their work dumped on m.  I hate situations where no one is accountable.  I hate being put in the position of trying to explain why things went wrong or didn’t get done, when I was not involved in the process at all.  If I was in private practice I’d fire those slackers.

I’m trying not to gloat, but I’m so very grateful it’s only 28 more days.   And really, I do actually work with some very nice people who actually focus on work, but I’m taking a break to get uncrabby.   I just have to keep it together 28 more days.

and one week I get to stay at the Hapuna Beach Prince.  I have so much to be grateful for.  Really!  I do:)

The problem is I do.  I’ll just have to get over it.


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