Karas, The Prophecy, Review

I had a hard time figuring out what this movie was about. The first time around I couldn’t figure who the characters were and who the bad guys were. First I watched it in Japanese with the English subs. Then I tried watching it with the English dub and the English subs and they didn’t match. I think the audio made more sense then the dub which is unusual, imo.

The high points for me were the animation, and concept of dual universes existing in the same location but different planes.

I’m still not sure if Karas is an individual or a group of individuals. Karas keeps the worlds in balance by going after demons that try to cross over and make trouble in the human world. Some of these demons actually live as humans. One of these tries to help the police (sort of like the Xfiles) work out a series of murders linked to the demons. He might just one day start drinking human blood himself.

I give it 3 acorns just because I like the look of the anime.


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