Ladies in Lavender, Leolo, Imprint Reviews

Ladies in Lavender stars Judi Dench and Maggie Smith as spinster sister who live in a charming house in Cornwall.  Their quiet life takes a turn when they find a young man on the beach nearly drowned.  He does not speak English and has a broken foot.  For Judi, he awakens unfamiliar emotions and she acts “like a silly old woman”, feeling love, protective, motherly, jealousness and pride.   The young man is Polish.  He is on his way to America when he falls of the boat.  He plays the violin like a virtuoso.  Apparently he is bow synching and it is really Joshua Bell playing the violin.  I was convinced he was really playing.  Cornwall is the common location for many of those romance novels I read in a short chapter of my life.  The coastline is very beautiful an the houses and countryside so charming.  This movie has no car chases, body count, bloodshed or foul language.  I found it a peaceful reprieve from Leolo and Imprint.

Imprint is rather disgusting and brutal.  I can’t recommend it.

Leolo is listed on IMBD as a comedy.  Umm, well, maybe. Leolo escapes his dysfunctional family by creating a vivid fantasy world.  He believes his very obese mother was impregnated by at tomato and so his father is not really his father.  His mother has an obsession with bowel movements and his father is the enforcer.  His grandfather pays Bianca to do sexual favors for him, and Leolo falls his love with her while peeping on them.  His grandfather once tried to drown him in a wading pool.  His older brother spends his life pumping iron, and uses Leolo to make money for him.  They collect papers together to sell to the butcher, and Leolu dives in the river to get old lures to sell back to the fishermen.  They sleep in the same bed and he comments on his brothers snoring.  Leolu believes that as long as he dreams, he will not go crazy like his two sisters and grandfather.  I don’t see how this can be a comedy.  My feeling about this movie are like those I feel about The Book Thief.  Too sad to recommend the story, but the writing style is very interesting and original.  Likewise, Leolo is well done, but sad.


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