The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Review

The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a documentary about Daniel Johnston.  i must have been hiding in a hole as I had a totally way off opinion of who Daniel Johnston was.   From an early age he was a gifted artist and musician.  He documented his life and songs in cassette tapes and home movies.  Along the way he develops manic depression.  His genius and creativity is nurtured and preserved by the people who love him in spite of his illness.  He had/has a cult following of musicians and art collectors, which included Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and others.  Most of the music I heard on the disc was not my type of genre, but poetry is interesting.

His father cries when talking about his son.  He expresses the fear of so many parents of disabled children.  “Who will take care of my baby when I’m gone?”

Daniel Johnston was born in 1961 in West Virginia.  He fell in love in high school to a woman who was already practically engaged to another man, and many of his songs of love are written about her.   He spent a number of years in a mental institution.  He continues to draw and give concerts and create.  Only the future knows the ending to his story.


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