Wanted, Review

Wanted is a rolicking good fun movie starring Mr. Blue Eyes McAvoy and Angelina Jolie. Throw Morgan Freeman in there for some extra points. McAvoy has lost his accent in this one. He is a bored loser, brow beaten by his his boss, his best friend who is banging his girlfriend, and even himself. Then one day he is attacked by a stranger in a convenience store and saved by Angelina Jolie, and his life changes forever. He barely survives his initiation into a group of assassins descended from medieval weavers. Yes, weavers. Like the textile type. Seems as though they get messages from the secret loom and cloth and carry out assassinations based on those messages. Failure to carry out the terminations has serious repercussions. Someone else may die instead, or maybe thousands.

I didn’t recognize the Danny Elfman music until the credits were running, but it added a great deal to movement and flow in this movie. The stunts were pretty fantastic. I feel sorry for the rats, but oh well, they are rats after all. Hopefully CGI rats.

I wasn’t sure how Mr. McAvoy would fare as an action hero, but I would say he fared very well! Angelina looks lovely as well.

There be blood…thoug as this movie is about assassins. i will rate this 4/5 acorn and 1 clive. Nothing too horrible , no eyes popping out. Can’t have it all.


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