Sukiyaki Western Django and Public Enemy, reviews

I will have to watch Django again as I didn’t think he was Japanese. This goofy spoof is a prequel to Django. In the opening sequence I kept thinking, boy that cowboy looks familiar and finally realized it was Quentin Tarentino. The feud between the Minamoto and the Taira lives on 200 years after the battle of Dan-no-ura.    Yojimbo is alluded too, and there is the feel of a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.  There is also strange dancing, a mute child and Gatling gun.  I’m pretty sure this movie would be better if the mystery science guys were commenting on it.    I will rate it 2/5 acorns.

Public Enemy is a Korean movie.  The protagonist a brutal cop on the edge.  One night he accidently runs into a man in a raincoat who has just come from murdering his own parents.  When the bodies are discovered a week later, he is drawn into the investigation.  No one believes the well dressed and smooth son could have murdered his own parents as there doesn’t seem to be a motive.  To further cloud the issue the murderer kills another man with the same modus operandi.  Although this killing seems random, the second victim had accidently run into the murderer in a cafeteria and had accidently spilled something on the the killer.  The killer has anger management issues to the max.  After being cleverly twarted by the murdered, the detective gets demoted to traffic cop.  The case is interesting and ultimately has a surprising conclusion.  I had a difficult time with the portrayal of the police as being so brutal and unethical.  I’m spoiled by the Mel Gibson cop in Lethal Weapon or the Bruce Willis detective in Die Hard.  They are screwed up but don’t deal drugs or beat guys who are not attacking them to a pulp.  I will rate it 2.5/5 acorns, 1/2 clive for beating to a pulp scenes.


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