Sex in the City and Dexter reviews, Totoro and Retirement

Sex in the City is basically a longer version of the TV series. The 30 somethings are now 40 something, and Samantha is on the verge of her 50th birthday. One of the knit ladies had seen this movie twice already, so I decided to chance it. It’s a chick flick, most definitely. Our ladies have moved on in the decade of the TV series. Samantha to the west coast, in a 5 year relationship, Miranda to Brooklyn-struggling a bit in her roles as mother, lawyer and wife, Charlotte elated in her role as adopted mother and wife, and Carrie still a successful writer and in a strong relationship with Mr. Big. The friendship is as strong as ever and they are gathering for Carrie’s upcoming marriage. So no cyborgs or CGI here. Just drama, lovely fashions, expensive leather goods, and a celebration of the the kind of friends women can have, the kind that last a lifetime, like sisters.

Dexter is Showtime TV series. I don’t get showtime but got the DVD of the first season as a gift. I was of the opinion prior to watching this that there was something fundamentally wrong with the premise of a serial killer being a good guy…a vigilante, an avenging angel. Dang, now I find there is season 2 and season 3. Dexter is a forensic blood spatter expert. He can read stories into the pattern of the blood spots found at crime scenes. He is also a serial killer himself. He was adopted at age 3 my a policeman who coaches him on how to appear normal as he does not experience feelings like a normal person and has urges to kill things, starting with bugs and animals. He develops a code to live by…kill only those that “deserve” to die. He has a collections of slides with a drop of blood he harvests from his victims and keeps as a trophy. He is in a relationship that works for him as Rita is “wounded” and has not made any demands on him in a physical way. He works closely with his sister, who wants to be a homicide detective. The whole first season bad guy has been dubbed the ice truck killer. He is playing games with Dexter. What can I say? I can’t argue with the IMDB people who rated this 9.1/10. It sucked me in.

On the retirement scene, I’ve given myself until my flowers die to not get serious about anything. I still don’t have a real dog. My house is still a mess. I still am playing games with Hewitt the retirement company who keep putting me off on my retirement benefit, I still don’t have an exercise routine. I still have not found an electrician or gotten drapes for the upstairs. I’m still shopping. And, I still have thank you cards to write. So what have I accomplished?

1. TV 2. movies 3. read 4. Knit a Totoro toilet roll cover 5. some exercise 6. got the mp3 on the new shuffle 7. started the SAM portion of my recertification 8. cleaned out a couple boxes and rescued my diplomas and certificates 9. killed one plant and 10. have not gained or lost any weight.

It’s still surreal not having to go to work or even get up.  Heh, I kind of like it.  Sloth is habit forming.  But it’s only two weeks and a I have to remind myself that I gave myself 3-6 months leave of absence.


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