The Proposition, Californication reviews

The Proposition stars Guy Pearce in this movie about retribution out the with wilds of early 1900’s Australia. John Hurt pops in as a bounty hunter. Danny Huston, Ray Winstone and Emily Watston, all actors with very familiar faces also star. Guy Pearce is Charlie Burns, a member of a very dysfunctional family. He has taken his simple brother away from the family in hopes of getting away from the raping, robbing, pillaging and killing. Ray Winstone plays a police sergeant who has brought his English sense of justice to a small town out in the boonies. He has brought his wife, played by Emily Watson, and they try to maintain their dignity and keep house with the accouterments of civilization. Danny Huston, (half brother to Angelica) is the head of the family. He and Samuel enjoy pillaging and killing. They hide out in some hills where even the Aborigine’s won’t go.

The police apprehend Charlie and baby brother but let Charlie go to kill his older brother. He has 9 days until Christmas to do it or baby brother will die. He rides off into the sunset and into the outback. The sunsets are amazing, but what will he do? Mr. Pearce plays Charlie quiet…his dearth of dialog works well.

Meanwhile, back in town, the people of the town, outraged at the latest raping and murder of a pregnant women and her family, want a lynching.

This was a very engaging, though brutal movie. The soundtrack was most interesting. I will rate it 4/5 acorns.

Californication is an showtime TV series starring David Duchovney. He is writer who in in a down cycle following a very disappointing, but commercially successful movie version of one his his books. He has left his girlfriend and daughter, although he regrets his leaving them. All in all it is pretty funny.


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