Death Trance, Review

Death Trance is a high flying, action flick set in and “unknown time and place”. You got yer samurai swords, yer monks, yer cute little girl in kimono in addition to motorcycles, demons the Goddess of destruction, and best all of yer spider ninjas! Oh and the sword that shoots bullets, and a naked guy curled up in the fetal position in a dream sequence.

A coffin gets stolen from the monks who have guarded if for years. Then send an apprentice out to get it back and arm him with a sword that he cannot draw. The sword will choose the right man. It seems at least 3 parties are actively seeking this coffin. A small, morose child follows the coffin, saying little. What is so important about this coffin? Who is the right man for the sword? What’s with that kid? Does she really eat people? Why does’t the coffin man stay dead? How many times must he be stabbed before he stays dead?

I watched the movie dubbed in English with the English subs on. The subs and the audio tract did not say the same things and that bothered me a bit. The audio made more sense then the subs.

I will give this 2.5/5 acorns. It’s no Versus, but fun anyway. Especially those spider ninja:)


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