Atshuhime, Domino Reviews

Here I sit writing this in spite of my “resolve” to turn off the computer today! Well, that was my resolve yesterday, too. Same with the healthy eating resolve. Yes, there is ice cream in my freezer! Thankfully it’s a finite quantity.

Atsuhime ended on a very happy note. Her crazy mother in law has it in for her as no baby is forthcoming (her husband’s choice is a platonic relationship) and Atsuhime got the shogun to invite the hated Yoshinobu to the first meeting with Harris, the US representative. She has conspired to keep Atsuhime and her husband Ieasada apart and both of them are unhappy. I cannot find much information about Ieasada, whether he was truly an imbecile, mentally ill or just emotionally crippled. They have come to care for each other. However Atsuhime’s mission to have Yoshinobu named as heir bodes ill for Ieasada’s trust in her.

Domino stars Keira Knightley as a bounty hunter. Her story is a fictionalized biography of a real life bounty hunter, Domino Harvey. It is directed by Tony Scott, brother to Ridley, who also directs/directed Numb3rs, Top Gun, The Hunger, Enemy of the State, and the Last Boy Scout.

Keira Knightley as a bounty hunter…I just had to see it. And there was Mickey Rourke who really does fit the part and a cutie pie Edgar Ramirez, as Choco.

Domino comes from a wealthy but dysfuntional family. Her mom, played very well by Jacqueline Bisset has made a living of marrying well. She tucks Domino in a boarding school. Domino never fits in to the the right jobs…modeling, sorority sister, student, but likes martial arts and guns. After her fish dies she resolves never to care about anything or anyone, as the investment leads to pain and suffering. She happens on a How to become a bounty hunter, class, run by some con men, but when she discovers their con, they choose to have her join them.

Christopher Walken decides to follow them for his reality show. Mafia types, a child with a blood disorder, small time hoods counterfeiting licenses and fraternity boys all get involved and the whole confusing story comes together in the end with a big boom!

Somehow Monique and Macy Gray were also stuck in this movie. They have a scene where they wear first lady masks. What a hoot.

I will rate this one 3/5 acorns. There is violence so maybe a bit of a clive.


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